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Voter FAQs - Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL)

Just what is the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL)?
PEVL allows a voter to make a single request to receive ballots by mail for all future elections. Prior to the creation of PEVL, a voter who chose to vote by mail was required to make a separate request to receive a ballot by mail for each election.

What happens if I add my name to the list?
You will be sent a ballot by mail automatically before each election that you are eligible to vote in. Your ballot will go in the mail with the very first batch of ballots being mailed out in the election, usually 27 days prior to Election Day.

Who should consider joining PEVL?
Any voter who wants to vote regularly by mail rather than going to the polling place should consider having their name added to PEVL. Your regular mailing address must be in Pima County. If you frequently travel to other states for extended periods of time, you probably should not enroll on PEVL.

What do I need to do to add my name to PEVL?
Under Arizona law, you must make a written request to add your name to the listing. You cannot be added to the list by a telephone or email request.

What information do I need to provide in the written request to be added to PEVL?
You must include your full name, residence address, mailing address (if different from the residence address), date of birth, and signature. You must also clearly state that you are requesting to be included on the Permanent Early Voting List. Your PEVL mailing address must be in Pima County. For your convenience you can download or print out a form from our website by clicking on this link: PEVL_Form.pdf

When can I sign up to be included on PEVL?
You can sign up to be on the list anytime. Under Arizona state law, a ballot for an election will only be mailed if you sign up on or before the 10th day before the election.

I have heard that mailed ballots by mail are not counted unless the race is close. Is that true?
No. More than 70% of ballots cast in Pima County are voted prior to Election Day. Generally, any ballot received by the Recorder’s Office earlier than two days before Election Day will be processed prior to Election Day and transferred to the Elections Department for tabulation. The Recorder’s Office posts notice of the total number of ballots transferred each day on our website Here. These ballots are typically included in the very first report of election results on election night.

Ballots received on the Monday prior to Election Day and those that are received on Election Day up to 7:00 p.m. are processed the following day and immediately transferred to the Elections Department for tabulation to be included in the final results. "Election Results" released on Election Day are unofficial. Depending on the number of ballots received just prior to 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, the results of one or more races could change after all ballots are counted. Election results do not become official until almost two weeks after Election Day, once all ballots are processed, verified and tabulated.

Is PEVL a good choice if I am going to be temporarily residing out of Arizona?
No. Under Arizona state law the regular ballot mailing address for a voter on PEVL must be within Pima County.

The only exception to this rule is for voters who are on active duty in the United States military, the dependent of active duty military personnel and any United States citizen residing outside the United States. In order to be allowed to join PEVL with a foreign address, you must have the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) registration form on file or submitted simultaneously with your PEVL application.

If I cannot be added to PEVL because my mailing address is outside Pima County, can I still vote early?
Yes. You will be required to request that a ballot be sent to you before each election.

What happens if I have signed up to be included on PEVL but I then move or change my name?
You will remain on PEVL as long as you keep your voter registration record current. Under the PEVL rules, you do not have to submit a new request to be on PEVL when you move or change your name. Just submit a new voter registration form to change your voter registration record and you will remain on the list.

If you forget to update your registration and a ballot or other mail is sent to you by the Recorder’s Office and is returned by the United States Postal Service marked "Undeliverable," your name will be removed from the PEVL list.

How will I know if my name has been added to the PEVL listing?
If you sign up to be added to PEVL more than 4 months before the next election, you will receive an Election Notice card from the Recorder’s Office. Arizona state law requires that the Recorder’s Office mail these notices twice each year. The mailings will occur in mid-November (covering the March and May elections) and in early May (covering the August and November elections). You will only be sent the Election Notice card if you are eligible to vote in one or more of the next two scheduled election dates.

If you sign up after the mailing has occurred, you can contact the Pima County Recorder's Office at 724-4330 to confirm that your form has been received and processed. Please wait at least 7 days from the date you sent the form in to allow processing time.

What do I do with the Election Notice Card?
First, review the card. If the information is correct and you want to receive a ballot by mail for the election(s) specified in the notice, you do not have to do anything. If you do not return the card, a ballot will automatically be mailed to your address.

If the address is not correct, you can correct the address on the Notice, sign the form and return it to the Recorder’s Office. We will update your address from that Notice.

If your name has changed, you cannot make a name change on the Election Notice Card. Under Arizona state law you can only change your name by submitting a new voter registration form.

If you do not want to receive a ballot by mail for one or both of the elections specified in the Election Notice Card, check the box next to the particular elections (or both if you do not want to receive either ballot by mail), write your date of birth and signature on the form and mail it to the Recorder’s Office. We will remove your name from the listing for mailed ballots for the specified election(s), but your name will remain on the listing for future elections.

If you decide that you do not want to be on PEVL any longer, you can check the box next to that choice on the Election Notice Card, write your date of birth and signature on the form where indicated and mail the card to the Recorder’s Office and we will remove your name from the listing entirely.

Please note that to remove your name from the PEVL listing, or to cancel a ballot for one or more of the specified elections, the Recorder’s Office must receive that request no later than 45 days prior to the election date or your ballots will be mailed.

If my voter registration shows that I am not a member of one of the major political parties and the next election is a partisan primary, will I be sent a ballot automatically?
No. Under Arizona state law, most of the partisan primary elections are "open" primary elections. That means voters who are not registered as members of the political party holding the election may still vote in that political party’s primary election as long as they are not members of one of the other political parties eligible to hold an election. However, in order to receive a ballot for the political party primary, you must specify which one of the political party ballots you want to receive (each political party has a separate ballot in the Primary Election). Until you designate that ballot, you will not be sent a ballot by mail. You may choose only one of the political party ballots to vote in the Primary. Once you have made that designation, you may not choose a different political party ballot for the same Primary Election.

Also note that the Presidential Preference Election is a closed election for every political party participating in the PPE.

What do I do if I do not want to vote by mail in the next scheduled election?
Should you decide that you do not want to receive a mailed ballot for the next election, you should notify the Recorder’s Office at least 45 days prior to the election date. You may make this notification by phone or by returning the Election Notice card and checking the box to indicate you do not want a ballot for the specific election.

What do I do if I am on PEVL and will be out of state during the next election?
You can request that we mail your ballots to a temporary address anywhere in the world, whether you are on the PEVL or not. This request must be made anytime up to 10 days prior to election day and will be effective only for one election period. You can make that request in writing, through the internet or by calling the Recorder’s Office. If you do not make this request earlier than 45 days prior to the election, your ballot will be mailed to the address on file. We recommend that you notify us of the temporary address change as soon as possible.

What do I do if I made a mistake on my ballot or if my ballot does not arrive?
Generally, a mailed ballot should arrive within a week of the mailing date if sent to an address inside the United States. If your ballot does not arrive in that time period or if the ballot arrived and you made a mistake when voting your ballot, call the Recorder’s Office at 520-724-4330 to request a replacement ballot. Please wait at least 7 to 10 days from the mailing date before requesting a second ballot for missing ballots.

If I vote by mail do I need to show or include identification?
No. In order to have the early mailed ballot accepted for tabulation, your ballot by mail must be sealed in a ballot by mail affidavit envelope and you must sign the affidavit where indicated on the ballot by mail affidavit envelope. In order to confirm your identity (and the validity of the ballot), the staff at the Recorder’s Office will compare the signature on the affidavit with the signature on your voter registration form. If we conclude that both signatures were made by the same person, your ballot will be processed for tabulation. If we are not able to confirm that both signatures were made by the same person, we will contact you for further information before we accept your ballot.

If I vote by mail, how much time will I have to vote my ballot?
If you join PEVL, your ballot will be mailed with the first batch of ballots sent out in the election cycle, usually 27 days prior to the election date. If you have not joined PEVL by that mailing date, your ballot will be mailed within two days after you join the listing.

How quickly must I vote and return my ballot by mail?
You may return your ballot as soon as you have voted it. In order to be counted, your ballot must be received by the Recorder’s Office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. We recommend that if you are mailing your ballot in Pima County you should mail your ballot no later than the Thursday before Election Day (earlier for ballots mailed from outside Pima County) to ensure that we receive it on time.

After I have received my ballot by mail, can I choose not to vote it and vote at the polling place instead?
Yes. If you have not returned your ballot by mail, you can choose to vote at a polling place. However, you will be required to vote a Provisional Ballot and you will be required to follow the Arizona identification rules.

If you have already returned your ballot by mail, you cannot vote at a polling place again, even if you changed your mind about the candidate you want to vote for. That would be voting twice and would be a criminal offense.

I forgot to mail in my ballot and it is now Election Day. What do I do?
Your ballot will count as long as it is physically in the possession of the Recorder’s Office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. Remember, the ballot must be in the sealed ballot by mail affidavit and the affidavit must be signed by you. You can either bring your ballot to the Recorder’s Office locations or drop your ballot off at ANY Pima County polling place on Election Day as long as you do so before 7:00 p.m. You are NOT required to take the ballot to your own polling place.

I have signed up to be on PEVL, but I have decided that I would prefer to vote in person. How do I take my name off the list?
You can remove your name from the list by sending a written request to be removed. Your request must include your name, address, date of birth and your signature. Please note that if you choose to remove yourself from the list you should do so as far in advance of the election as possible. Ballots will be sent automatically for anyone on PEVL 45 days prior to Election Day.

For your convenience, the Pima County Recorder’s office has a form available on this website for you to print, fill out and mail to our office to remove you from PEVL. That form is located Here.

The election notice mailed 90 days prior to the fall election cycles also contains a section to complete to remove yourself from PEVL and forms are also available in polling sites on Election Day.

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