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Voter FAQs - Clean Elections Qualifying Contributions

I am a voter who lives in Arizona legislative district J. I want to contribute $5.00 to a candidate running for state house of representatives in Legislative District J. However, my voter registration is currently at my old address in legislative district P. Will my contribution be valid?
Unless you update your registration before you make the contribution, the contribution will not be valid. Arizona law specifies that the contributor must actually be registered to vote in the legislative district before they can contribute a valid $5.00 Clean Election contribution to a candidate. You can complete a new voter registration form to change your address and submit it to the county recorder’s office on the same day that you make your contribution.

In order to qualify for funding using the faster random sample method of verification, will I qualify if I submit 10% more signatures than the minimum required?
No. Arizona law requires that the results of the random sample EXCEED 110% of the minimum number of qualifying contributions. If you submit exactly 110% of the minimum you will not exceed that number and a full check of the petitions will be required. It is recommended that you submit at least 20% more qualifying contribution forms than the required minimum.

I have received a $5.00 contribution from a voter who is registered in my legislative district and have learned that the voter already gave $5.00 to my opponent. Is the contribution to my campaign valid?
Yes. Nothing in the Clean Elections statute prohibits a voter from contributing to more than one campaign for the same office.

I want to contribute $5.00 to a campaign seeking qualification. When completing the paperwork, may I be both the solicitor of the funds and the contributor?
Yes. Nothing in the statute requires that there be two separate people involved. The paperwork must be filled out completely.

I am a candidate for statewide office. Can I contribute $5.00 and complete a Clean Elections contribution form for my own campaign?
Yes. Nothing in the Clean Elections statutes prohibits a candidate from contributing $5.00 to his or her own campaign.

I am soliciting Clean Elections contributions for a legislative candidate running as a member of the Republican Party. Can I accept a contribution from a voter who is registered in the correct legislative district but is registered as a Democratic Party member?
Yes. Nothing in the Clean Elections statutes restricts contributions to particular political party affiliations. Clean Elections contributions have different rules than candidate nomination petitions.

If the voter/contributor forgets to sign or date the qualification paperwork, may the solicitor or another sign and date the form for them to correct the error?
No. Only the voter may sign and date the qualification form unless the voter has a physical disability that prevents him/her from signing. If anyone else signs on behalf of a voter who is not disabled, the contribution will not count toward qualification and could lead to a criminal investigation for forgery and/or fraud.

If I obtain contributions from a husband and wife, may one spouse sign for the other?
No. This is the same as the previous question. Each voter must sign for himself or herself unless the voter has a physical disability that prevents them from signing. If someone else is signing for a voter because of a disability, make note of this on the form so it can be verified. Please note, as part of the validation process, each signature is compared to the signature on the voter's registration form. If the signature does not match, the contribution does not qualify.

Before I submit my Clean Election qualifying slips to the Secretary of State’s Office for verification, I want to verify if the contributions are valid. Can I check these slips in the Recorder’s Office?
Yes. It is highly recommended that you conduct your own verification of the contributions before you submit them to the Secretary of State’s Office. The Pima County Recorder’s office has a number of public research computers available for your use in validating the petitions. The actual voter signatures are not available in the public research area. If you wish to compare the signatures on the forms to the voter’s actual voter registration form signatures, you should call in advance to request access to a computer with signature access. We encourage you to use the computers in the Recorder’s office rather than relying on data in a political party office. Political party data may be weeks or months out of date depending on the time you are conducting your verification.

I solicit a contribution from a person living in my legislative district who tells me they are not registered to vote. Before they give me the contribution, I have them complete a voter registration form. Is this a qualifying contribution?
Yes. If the completed and dated voter registration form is received by the Recorder?s Office within 10 days of the date it was completed, the voter will be registered as of the date on the voter registration form. If the form is not dated, or not received by the Recorder?s Office within that time period, the voter will be registered as of the date the form was received and the contribution will not count towards qualification.


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