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Recording Frequently Asked Questions

Documents may be recorded in 3 ways:

In person at one of the Pima County Recorder’s Offices:

Main Downtown Office (Map)
240 N Stone Avenue
Tucson AZ 85701

Eastside Office (Map)
6920 E Broadway Blvd
Suite D
Tucson AZ 85710

By mailing to:

Pima County Recorder
P.O. Box 3145
Tucson AZ 85702-3145

UPS or FedEx:
Pima County Recorder
240 N Stone Avenue
Tucson AZ 85701

Note: If recording by mail, please include the document with original signatures, and a check or money order for the correct amount, according to the recording fee schedule

Electronically recorded through one of the Pima County trusted E-Recording partners:
To record your document electronically, contact one of our trusted E-Recording partners. Additional fees apply.

At most office supply, document preparers or attorney’s offices. Some forms are also available online at GALE Legal Forms Database via the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records or http://www.deeds.com/forms/arizona for a fee.

Most changes to the ownership of a property require recording a new deed. We suggest you contact an attorney or legal advisor for assistance.

All property sales transactions require a completed affidavit of property. This form can be obtained from the Arizona Department of Revenue.

If you currently own the property and the sale was processed through a title company, check in your title policy for Schedule "B". This should list all easements of record that affect your property. If Schedule "B" is not available, you will need one party's name and approximate date of recording to research easement information on the public computers located in our offices.

Your questions may be answered in ARS 44-1236 or ARS 29-101 through 29-366 and/or by consulting an attorney. An affidavit of trade name or fictitious name document may be recorded with the Pima County Recorder.

If the document is complete, meets the form requirements, and the proper fees have been paid, we will record your document and make it a matter of permanent public record.

Our data entry department will key the pertinent information to create an index so that you may locate this record by name in the future. Your original document will be returned to the address typed on the document. If the original document is ever lost or misplaced, a certified copy may be obtained from our office.

We suggest you seek the advice of an attorney or legal advisor.

Yes! Begin on our Public Records Research page .
You will be able to search for documents (including maps) and see a preview of the document.

There are multiple ways to purchase a copy of a document
Visit the above link to learn how you can purchase via our online portal, by coming into our office or sending a request via mail.

You may come into our office to search Public Records to determine if any liens or judgements have been recorded under your name. You may also check our Web site to see what has been recorded and obtain a copy from our office, either in person or by mail.

You would have received your deed when you purchased your home. If you have paid off your mortgage, you can check our website to see if the release/reconveyance has been recorded and obtain a copy from our office, either in person or by mail.

Marriage license and divorce documents must be requested from the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court website.

Birth/death certificates must be requested from the Pima County Health Department, Vital Records website.

Immunization records can be requested via the Pima County Health Department website.

Property taxes are paid only at the Pima County Treasurer’s office located at 240 N Stone Avenue.