Gabriella Cázares-Kelly

Public Search & Document Purchasing Instructions

Search tips:
  1. For a document search, enter the name of one of the involved parties, last name first. Example: To search for John Smith, enter "Smith John".
  2. To use a suffix, enter it after the last name. For example, to search for John Smith Jr. enter “Smith Jr John”. Do not include any punctuation.
  3. If you are searching for a business, enter the name into the name field and use keywords like “Hughes Federal”
  4. If you are searching for a trust, enter the name of one of the parties named in the trust. For instance, if it is the Mary and John Smith Living Trust, enter "Smith John" or "Smith Mary" in the name field.
  5. If your search returns too many documents, try narrowing the date range.
  6. Additional suggestions:
    • If you don't find the desired document, try using only the last name
    • Ensure spelling is correct
    • Do not use any punctuation
      • Instead of “Jr.” simply use “Jr”
      • Instead of “Cazares-Kelly” use “Cazares Kelly”
    • Remove spaces in last names
      • Instead of “De La Cruz” use “Delacruz”
    • Do not use articles such as “a” or “the” when searching a business or trust.

To purchase a document:
  1. Find the document.
  2. Click the shopping cart icon for the document on the search results screen or the "Purchase" button on the document preview screen and you will be directed to a shopping cart page.
  3. Enter how many copies you want for Digital Copies or Web Certified Copies. Be sure to click "Add to Cart" once your changes have been made.
  4. You cannot purchase digital copies and certified copies in the same cart. Complete the transaction for one type, then start a new transaction for the other.
  5. If you wish to continue searching, click the "Back to Search" button to return to your search results. You may add items to the shopping cart from this search.
  6. If you would like to start a new search, click the "Clear Selections" button above the search results.
  7. You may always return to the shopping cart from the Document Search Results page by clicking the "Cart" button in the top right.
  8. If you wish to start over and remove items from your shopping cart, click the "Clear Cart" button from the shopping cart page.
  9. When you are ready to complete your order, click "Proceed to Checkout" and you will be directed to a secure payment gateway